6 Questions to Ask an Exterior Power Washing Service

Painters Treasure Coast knows that the climate and weather in south Florida mean that exterior power washing is needed for proper maintenance and upkeep of your home. Humidity and excessive water from storms can lead to your home growing mold, mildew, and fungus. Over time, driveways, sidewalks, roofing, and siding can become covered in stains, dirt, mud, grime, and debris. Professional pressure washers can eliminate contaminants, staining, and caked-on elements while ensuring the longevity of your property and the health of your family. When considering professional pressure washers, the following questions are important to have in the back of your mind to choose the correct provider for your home project.

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Is the exterior power washing company insured?

This is a very important question to ask of a power wash company. When you have individuals coming onto your property to power wash, it is with the hope that they will leave it in even better condition than when they arrived. Sadly, many companies out there are not knowledgeable in their craft and can actually do more damage than good to your home. 

The team at Painters Treasure Coast has spent countless hours training and mastering the craft of power washing. We understand that different materials require different care and that some surfaces require different chemicals to clean than others.

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Does the business have pressure washing know-how?

When you choose a pressure washing company, it is important to make sure they are professionals who have a full understanding of the services they provide. Do they have the proper tools to get the job done? Are they able to manage a property or project of your size? Do they know the right chemicals to use for each surface they may encounter? Do they have a soft-wash option?  Being able to answer these questions and provide exceptional work is made possible by learning the craft. 

At Painters Treasure Coast, we saw that finding someone to prep the homes we were to paint was an added stressor for our clients. We sought to remedy that by diving into the pressure-washing realm and have learned all there is to know about proper pressure-washing techniques, strategies, and needed education.

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What is the offered cleaning process?

You may not be experienced in pressure washing your residence, but professionals who care will explain their process to inquiring customers. They will answer all of your questions regarding the types of detergent used for different surfaces and what spray settings they use to remove grime, dirt, and other undesirables on the home’s exterior surfaces. Power washing is not a simple service of spraying a hose nozzle to clean your house and increase curb appeal. It requires knowing how to address cleaning windows, vinyl siding, concrete, a stucco roof, wood, fiber cement siding, brick, and other materials that may be present on the outside of a home. By asking questions about the process, you’ll be able to determine if the company is capable of providing an excellent job or if you’ll be on track to make future repairs to your home’s exterior.
With Painters Treasure Coast, you can rest assured that we understand exterior power washing. We know the proper settings for each surface and have the proper cleaning products to get the best results possible for your home or business.

Is there proof of quality work?

Companies that provide fantastic work will be able to show new clients proof. Do they have glowing customer reviews or references from previous clients? Do they have photos of before work provided and after? A business that is good at what they will do will want to show examples of what they have done and what it could do for you. Lack of visual proof or customer approval can mean that a company provides less than satisfactory work. Consider this when choosing a company for power wash services. At Painters Treasure Coast, our reviews speak for themselves. Check us out!

Is there a guarantee on work completed?

This is a great question to ask to narrow down your list of pressure wash candidates. If a company says that they do not offer a guarantee, cross them off your list. A company that values its client’s satisfaction and knows it can provide quality service will guarantee the work they do on your home. Look for companies that offer a guarantee on exterior cleaning, with the assurance that they will return to fix a job until you are satisfied.
At Painters Treasure Coast, we are honest and open with our clients. If there is a stubborn stain that may not come out, we always try to discuss this in advance before our work gets started. We cannot guarantee that all stains are removable, but we can guarantee that most stains will be removed, and you will be highly satisfied with the work received.

Can the Company provide services on your schedule?

Families are so busy nowadays. We work long hours, raise children, and have to run a household. It can be daunting when a service is needed for your home, especially without knowing how you have the time to have it done. An excellent exterior cleaning company will offer flexible hours that meet your needs. Speaking to your pressure washer candidates about how your job would fit into their schedule can save time and stress for this important maintenance.

What Painters Treasure Coast Offers Our Clients

For over three years, Painters Treasure Coast has provided interior and exterior painting to rejuvenate homes throughout Saint Lucie and Martin counties. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, as seen in our online reviews. We offer a wide range of painting services for your property, inside and out. We use the industry’s best paint for a job well done. We are flexible and client-focused, so you can be sure to have the job done on your schedule with attention to detail.

We understand how vital it is to have the outside of your home prepped and cleaned before applying any long-lasting exterior paint. To assist our clients, we now offer pressure washing services, including soft pressure washing for more delicate surfaces, to meet our client’s needs. When you are ready to spruce up your home inside or out, call us at (772) 494-2894. We will be waiting to hear from you and are waiting to answer all of your questions, providing an individualized professional solution for your home’s needs.

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