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Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets?

Fans of refacing say this mini-makeover can give a kitchen a whole new look at a much lower cost than installing all-new cabinets. Cabinet refacing can save up to 50 percent compared to the cost of replacing.

Is it cheaper to reface cabinets or replace?

Refacing costs about 40 percent to 50 percent less than the cost of replacing cabinets in a full kitchen.

When is Cabinet Refacing Recommended?

  • When the cabinet boxes are in solid shape
  • When cost is an issue
  • When remodeling, as opposed to building a new house
  • When you like your current kitchen layout

DYI Cabinet Refacing

While there are companies that sell refacing materials and equipment to the general public, cabinet refacing requires techniques and tools that most DIYers do not have.

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What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing has two major components: Potential installation of new drawer fronts or doors; veneering of the cabinet boxes. New cabinet hardware is usually installed to match the new look. If you have a bad drawer (or several), the company may be able to replace entire drawer.

Is Cabinet Refacing New?

Cabinet Refacing has been around for a long time—essentially it is wood-veneering on steroids—but cabinet refacing as an industry is new. Since cabinet refacing is a close substitute for replacement, the differences tend to blur. The main difference is that refaced cabinets have a look that is new, but the cabinet boxes, and therefore the entire cabinet layout, are not new.

Benefits of Refacing

  • Economical. Depending on the style of doors you want, there is a chance for substantial cost savings. 
  • Easy. Taking out cabinets and putting in brand new ones is a big job and very time-consuming. 
  • Environmentally Friendly. Refacing prevents excess waste and is a form of recycling. 
  • Variety of Options
  • Provides an entirely new look to your existing space

Endless Options

There are endless choices to be made for your cabinets’ new look. (This is the whole point of refacing.) There are many options in finishes, colors, veneers, and thermofoil. Molding and trim can also be added or changed.

Environmentally Friendly

Refacing prevents excess waste and is a form of recycling. Most cabinets that are thrown out end up in landfills. Many of these old cabinets have the chemical formaldehyde in them, which you don’t want in landfills. By refacing, you are stopping any toxic chemicals from going into a landfill, as well as refraining from having the need to cut down any more trees.


Taking out cabinets and putting in brand new ones is a big job and very time-consuming. When you do a complete tear-out, it can include plumbing and possible electrical fees. It can take several days or even weeks to design, tear out and finish with brand new cabinets. Refacing only takes a couple of days in many jobs to fully complete the task. To refinish existing cabinetry is provides a new look without the dust or hassle of removing existing cabinetry. There is less disruption in the home. You won’t have to worry about costs for electrical work, flooring, or even plumbing. You can still use your kitchen, or whatever room is getting the refaced cabinets.