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Are you worried about the exterior of your Port Saint Lucie home or office? Want to give an amazing makeover to your property? If yes, you need exterior painting services Port Saint Lucie to get the painting job done at your property. Exterior painting doesn’t only improve the appearance of your property but also increases its value. Studies have shown that painting the interior/ exterior of your property can offer a 107% return on investment. So, your goal shouldn’t be just enhancing the look of your property but maximizing its value. In addition, a quality exterior paint job will restore the beauty of your property, home, or office. If you’re searching for professional house painters in Port Saint Lucie, Painters Treasure Coast is here to serve. We’re a leading company offering top-notch and affordable exterior painting services to the residents of Port St Lucie.

We have years of experience in the painting business and ensure to provide satisfaction to our customers with our quality services. Being a reputable company, our services are available in Fort Pierce, Palm City, West Palm Beach, throughout the Treasure Coast, and Vero Beach. Connect with our exterior painters at (772) 494-2894 or schedule an online appointment with us.

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Why Are Exterior Painting Services Port St. Lucie In High Demand?

Port St. Lucie is the eighth largest city in Florida, with 179 413 residents, and currently, it is the third largest city in South Florida. Having said that, Florida property owners begin to understand the need for painting the exterior of their commercial and residential properties. Exposure to sun, rain, and weather conditions quickly affects paint’s condition and deteriorates the coating’s protective layer that protects against extreme weather conditions. The Sunshine State is famous for being one of the hottest states in the U.S, and its unpredictable and humid weather can easily affect the property value of any location. The longer you wait to address needed painting services, the more it will typically cost due to needed surface prepping. Heat, dust, mildew, and debris are other reasons for property damage, especially on the exteriors. Since nobody wants to be embarrassed by a faded or peeling house or office, exterior painting services  Port St Lucie have become a significant search when it comes to home/ office beautification.

According to the 2020’s Statistica report, the market value of the paints and coating industry in the United States was 22.5 billion. It was forecasted that the industry would reach a market value of 28 million dollars in 2022. Professional painters at Painters Treasure Coast also fall into the said numbers and offer office and house painting services that will meet everyone’s needs. If you want to get the best results and get the look that best matches your requirements, you can connect with our team by calling (772) 494-2894

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Revive Your Home With Residential Exterior Painting Services

Do the exterior walls of your home look shoddy? Peeling and outdated paints can drastically decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home in Florida. Therefore, adding a fresh coat of quality paint to the exterior of your home can make a huge difference. Exterior paints play a vital role in maximizing the beauty of your home, increasing its resale value, and ultimately making it stand out among the neighborhood homes. According to Statistica, most interior designers, real estate professionals, and consumers believe that elegant interior painting can increase the value of your home by 2-5%. So, you must count on professionals at Painters Treasure Coast to look at your home exteriors. Whether you want to repaint your property with the same color or want to go with fresh new color, our experts will provide you with prompt and reliable services.

From the start to the end of your painting project, our professionals will be there to offer you the highest quality services. You will never have to doubt the direction of your exterior painting job when you rely on Painters Treasure Coast for exterior house painting services. Apart from exterior painting, we also offer interior painting services to fill your entire home with positivity and brightness. Connect with our exterior home painters in Port St Lucie today to get this amazing job done at your property.

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Embellish Your Office With Commercial Painting Services

Commercial property’s exterior plays a crucial role for every business owner to attract potential clients and customers. People easily get attracted to the pretty spaces and infrastructure of the property; therefore, your commercial property must look its absolute best. The exterior of commercial property has a significant impact on the profitability of your business. So, if your property is unkempt, potential clients and customers may doubt the quality of your products and services. Further, if your property is out of style or outdated, the clients will potentially seek out your competitors. Fret not; our painting contractors are here to help revitalize the look and feel of your commercial property. In our years of service, we have worked with all types of businesses and industries in South Florida.

Whether you’re a small business or a large condo association, our team has the advanced equipment and skills to bring your vision into reality. We will customize all our efforts to fulfill all your unique goals. As a business owner, you shouldn’t forget that unappealing and poorly maintained property may steer customers/ clients away. Why not make a significant and long-lasting impression with our commercial painting services? Our painting professionals will fulfill all your painting needs; give us a call at (772) 494-2894 or schedule an online appointment today.

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The Best Professionals And Material At Your Service

Exterior painting is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your home/ office. However, exterior painting requires quality materials, resources, and a significant amount of hard work to achieve a long-lasting impact on the property. That’s what the professional painters at Painters Treasure Coast believe in: they use 100% Quality materials for your property. They use different types of paint materials, such as latex, oil-based, and acrylic. However, which type of paint they will use for the exteriors will depend upon the factors such as local climate and aesthetic preferences.

Additionally, if you’re unable to decide which paint to go with, our professionals will guide you so that you can make a wise decision. You shouldn’t worry about the quality as we always use durable, long-lasting paints that are best for your property. The paints we use to paint your exterior walls catch people’s eye and make a positive impression. We don’t compromise with quality because our customers are our #1 priority. We’re here to take all your painting projects; just connect with our experts, schedule an online appointment or click on the link below.        

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The Process Followed By Our Experienced Painters

The professionals at Painters Treasure Coast are trained and utilize the latest painting equipment to get the painting job done at your property. Here is the complete process that our professionals follow when offering you exterior painting services

  • The setup

The first step the professionals at Painters Treasure Coast follow is setting up things. They start by cleaning the dirt, dust, and mildew from your home/ office exterior, and this potentially involves power washing, pressure washing, pressure cleaning, etc.

  • Preparing the surface

By preparing the exterior’s surface, our professionals prepare your property for its incredible new debut. During the prep phase, they address every single detail by scrapping away all of the loose paint and sanding off the glossy or peeling surface. 

  • Painting

Once the painters are done with surface prep, now they will paint the exteriors. They will start with priming and then painting to transform the entire appearance of your property seamlessly.

  • Then clean up

Now the professionals will ensure that the area around your property looks clean, tidy, and neat upon completion and at the end of every workday. It includes removing all paint chips and packing up and storing materials away neatly. 

  • The inspection

Finally, our inspection process involves a collaborative effort in which our professionals evaluate the job. We do this to ensure that you’re absolutely in love with the new look of your home/ office.

We aim to provide you with the highest quality, reliable and professional exterior painting services whenever you need them. So, connect with us today.  

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Cost To Paint Exterior Of House/ Office In Port St Lucie

Are you wondering how much it costs to hire professional exterior painting services in Port St Lucie, Florida? There are various factors that determine the cost of exterior painting services. For example, the surface size, square footage, your exterior wall substrate, number of labor employed, quality of material and supplies used, amount of paint needed, how much work is required to prepare the surface, number of equipment used, etc. In fact, there are companies that charge for services on an hourly basis, and the experts at the Painters Treasure Coast charge the amount based on these factors. Further, accessibility of the surface needed to paint can also affect the overall cost of Port St Lucie exterior painting job.

At Painters Treasure Coast, we are open and transparent about our pricing structure because we have been in this industry for many years. We also know that our competitors charge a lot more than the actual prices. So, we ensure to offer services at affordable prices to fulfill the needs of every client. We also know that customers don’t appreciate hidden fees; therefore, we offer upfront pricing to our customers. In addition, as a customer-centric company, we highly focus on quality services and results, which have helped us build a reputation and goodwill in the market as the go-to painting contractor in Port Saint Lucie. So, if you want to get a more accurate cost of your office or house painting project, request us for a free quote now. 

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Trust Painters Treasure Coast For Quality Exterior Painting Services

When it comes to enhancing the property’s appearance, residents in Port St Lucie trust Painters Treasure Coast. If you’re looking for the best painting contractors to do the paint job, congratulations, you have found the best company that can fulfill all your painting needs. We’re a fully operated business in Port St Lucie offering interior and exterior painting services. Having years of experience in this industry, our professionals know what exactly it takes to get a quality job done. We offer various services such as drywall repairs, cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting, and ceiling painting.

We’re a renowned name in the market and here are the top reasons why people trust our services:

  • Guaranteed quality services 
  • BBB accredited company 
  • Use of premium quality material 
  • No hidden cost 
  • 100% customer satisfaction

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Painters Treasure Coast is a locally-owned company in Port Saint Lucie FL. We have a team of painting experts to provide you with exterior/ interior painting services. We guarantee to offer quality work with 100% customer satisfaction. Hire our professionals to get this excellent job done for your property.