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Benefits of Pool Deck Coating

The shimmering pool of blue water can make your yard feel like a tropical retreat, but next to a plain gray slab, it can give an unfinished look to the yard and pool area. A plain concrete pool deck offers both durability and cost-effectiveness but does nothing to help beautify your yard. Painting the concrete around the pool gives you a budget-friendly way to transform your backyard into an oasis.


  • Slip-resistant:
    Wet surfaces can quickly become slippery, causing falls and other accidents. Our pool deck coating creates a textured surface that helps reduce the chances of slipping. It is added safety, especially if you have kids and pets that will be near your pool. Many accidents around a pool are caused, not from swimming itself, but from slips that cause little ones to either break bones or fall into the pool. Chances of this happening are reduced with the non-slip surface.
  • Reduced time and money on maintenance:
    The porous surface keeps dirt and other debris from soaking into the material. This allows for quick, easy cleanup and helps prevent stains and discoloration from the weather. Your maintenance costs will be greatly reduced.
  • Easier on bare feet:
    Brick, concrete, and other materials can quickly soak up the sun’s rays. This makes it uncomfortable to walk barefoot in the area. In addition to being uncomfortable, hot surfaces can burn the delicate skin on the feet, making it difficult to walk and even creating hospital bills if the burn is too great. The material used to coat the deck is made to resist the absorption of heat. The surface stays cooler to the touch, making it comfortable to walk across with bare feet.
  • Costs less:
    Coating your pool deck rather than having it completely redone will cost you between one-third and one-half the cost. You could use this money for much more important, or fun, things. Consider that the actual cost of having a coating done is less expensive and add that savings to reduced emergency room bills from slips and burns, and you have one of the best investments possible in your outdoor area.

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Why Paint your Pool Deck?

You might not have thought much about your pool deck coating, but once you’ve had your pool for a few years, you may notice that the deck begins to look worn.  Things get spilled, the weather does its damage and simple aging can make the deck look tired and worn.  If there are cracks in the surface, you may want to consider a complete redoing of the area, but normally the structure itself is fine, it is only a matter of cosmetic imperfections. In this case, you may want to consider a simple deck coating to help cover the wear and tear and return the surface to its former glory. 

  • Paint comes in virtually any color. From pastels to earthy tones, the selection is just amazing. If you have a very specific hue or tone in mind, our paint expert can concoct a special mix for you.
  • Concrete paint can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, so pool decks are definitely qualified.
  • Paint is an effective pool deck repair product. It can cover blemishes on the surface of the deck, such as stubborn stains, watermarks, minor cracks, and more.
  • A painted surface is non-porous, thus, making it an easier surface to clean up.

Concrete poses some special requirements due to its characteristic porosity, alkalinity and moisture issues, and an improperly finished deck would also struggle to hold up to ultraviolet light, foot traffic and the scraping of pool furniture.

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Pool Deck Painting FYI

  • The process of painting is more than just applying the paint and letting it dry. Concrete requires tedious preparation for the paint to adhere better and last longer.
  • The concrete must be cleaned with a degreaser and etched with an acid solution to enhance adhesion.
  • You have to use the right primer with the right paint. Using indoor paint for an outdoor pool deck will result in chalking. Using a water-based primer with solvent-based paint can cause the paint to scale and blister.
  • The paint is quite temperature-sensitive. Applying it on a warm pool deck under direct sunlight could cause some areas to separate from concrete and bubble.
  • DIY is not recommended. For durable and long-lasting results, the concrete must be prepared really well and this requires the skill and experience of a professional.

Concrete Pool Deck Staining

Concrete staining is a popular refinishing method that is similar to wood staining. It comes in two types: acid and water-based. Acid stains create random shades and effects that make it look like marble, stone, or even leather. No two concrete slabs react the same way so every surface is unique. Water-based stains are more consistent. Both dry to a finish that leans more to semi-translucent than opaque. Concrete stains last longer than paint because it penetrates deep within the slab. This means it won’t fade, peel, or flake off. 

The process of staining is not as simple as painting the deck. It is highly recommended to hire a pro to apply the stain. For acid stains, the deck needs to be prepared to ensure proper adherence. The only minor downside to staining is how unpredictable the results are. The acid stain look will depend on how much lime and mineral the slab contains. The color may not also dry exactly as it looks on a color swatch. Make sure to test a bit of the stain on an inconspicuous spot to see how dark or light it will be when fully dry.

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